Frequently Asked Questions

Can I contribute?

Yes please! Bug reports, feature requests, documentation fixes, new tutorials, new examples, blog posts, spreading the word, and pull requests are greatly appreciated. See the Contributing Guide.

How do I fix/update/write docs?

First, if you're asking this question, THANK YOU, YOU ARE AWESOME!

Documentation for JSData projects can be found in two places: and is hosted by on their Developer Hub plan. Editing the docs happens through the Dashboard. You have two options for editing these docs:

  1. Click the Suggest Edits button at the top of any page of the docs and make your suggested edits.
  2. Become a member of the js-data team to be given write access to the JSData Dashboard.

How do I get help?

If the docs don't have the answer you're looking for, the recommendation is to post your question to StackOverflow, this way your question and the answer can be found by those who come after. Please also consider circling back and helping to update the docs after your question is answered, so the next person can find the answer in the docs. is available if you want to chat with other JSData users, discuss JSData use cases, etc.

What adapters are available?

See this list.

Will you write an adapter for X?

Maybe. They're easy to write, you should try it.

What about JSData 2.x?

JSData v2 is in maintenance mode. The v2 docs are still available.

JSData vs ?

See Comparison with Other Frameworks.