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People and things that make js-data work

The js-data project growing, and lot of people are getting involved. We come together around js-data in a number of different ways.

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All of js-data's source code is hosted on GitHub as part of the js-data GitHub organization, where users can view the code, read and submit issues, and contribute pull requests. On GitHub you can view the project's repositories, team members, open issues, open pull requests, and API reference docs (Hosted on gh-pages).

We ask that when you open an issue on GitHub that you take care to open the issue on the correct repository. Our GitHub Issues are for bug reports, feature requests, and other issues, whereas support questions are better left for Stack Overflow, Slack, and the Mailing List.

Pull Requests are welcome (check out the Contributing Guide), and if you love the project enough and want to become a team member, let's talk.


Projects that work with js-data

  • vdata - vue-js-data binding
  • js-data-jsonapi-light - JSData adapter which serialize and deserialize JSONApi response and requests.


Readme.io is the platform upon which the documentation for js-data (this site) is built. Readme.io makes it easy to build and host beautiful documentation. We thank them for generously giving our open source project a free Developer Hub account.

http://js-data.io contains mostly guides and tutorials, and other general documentation for the js-data project.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is the world's ask and answer knowledge base for programming. js-data has a tag on Stack Overflow where you can ask questions related to js-data and the community can answer. This is a great place to ask questions because the answers can be improved over time and can easily be found by those who come after you, as opposed to Slack which is better for real time (but not discoverable) communication.


Sometimes it's great to just get chatting with somebody quickly. Slack is great for that. Although it's not great for support questions because it will be hard if not impossible for someone to find the answer your received, we still use it. Join the js-data Slack community. Slack Status.

There are 16 Slack channels in the js-data Slack community so be sure to make sure the topic you're discussion is appropriate for the channel you're on. Discussion that happens in the js-data Slack community is archived and searchable here.

Mailing List

The classic mailing list. https://groups.io/org/groupsio/jsdata