Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use JSData?

In the Browser and NodeJS.

What adapters are there?

  • http
  • firebase
  • levelup
  • localstorage
  • localforage
  • rethinkdb
  • redis
  • mongodb
  • sql (mysql/postgres/mariadb/sqlite)

Do I have to use your adapters?

No, you can write your own if necessary.

Do I have to use js-data-schema?

No, you can use whatever validation library you would like.

Will you write an adapter for X?

Maybe. They're easy to write, you should try it.

Can I contribute?

Yes. Start with the Slack channel, the mailing list, issues, or by emailing me directly jason dot dobry at gmail dot com, just to be sure I won't finish whatever it is before you can clone the repo.