DS#is(resourceName, instance)

Check to see if an object is an instance of a particular resource. Short for instance instanceof Resource[Resource#class].


You can call DS#is multiple ways

  • DS#is(resourceName, instance)
  • Resource#is(instance) - Where Resource was created by DS#defineResource
resourceNamestringThe name of the resource to use. Unnecessary if calling is directly on a Resource.
instanceobjectThe instance to check.
var store = new JSData.DS();
var User = store.defineResource('user');
User.class; // "User"
User[User.class]; // function User() {}

var user = User.createInstance({ name: 'John' });
user; // User {name: "John"}

user instanceof User; // false
user instanceof User[User.class]; // true

store.is('user', user); // true
User.is(user); // true


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